Race range : 21.3

Spilia Trail Run

The Spilia Trail Run is the second trail event of the “Trail Troodos-Troodos National Forest Park Trail Championship 2022” and comprises two races; the two races cater for needs of the demanding and experienced trail runner, advanced runner to beginners and nature lovers.

Spilia Trail Run Races:

  1. Spilia Trail 21.3 km
  2. Spilia TrailRun 4 Fun 8km

The event will be held on Sunday July 10th 2022 and is under the auspices of the Deputy Minister of Tourism and in cooperation with the Spilia Local Council, the Troodos Tourism Board, the Forestry Department and the Troodos Development Company.

Race Details

Spilia Trail Run 21.3 km

A very demanding race for experienced runners; the race starts at the village center and the runners will have to run on asphalt for about 700 meters enroute to the village exit and to the forest road leading to the EOKA hideouts, at the 4.2 km mark. At the hideouts the runners will turn due southeast continuing to the most difficult and demanding section of the course while the enter the Selladi Tou Karamanli (7.29 km) natural trail all the way up to Doxasi O Theos trail. At the crossroads – entering the Selladi Tou Karamanli Trail – there will be a water station. The trail leads the trail runners to the highest point (Madari Forestry Department Watchout Post) at the Madari peak with an altitude of 1,585 meters at the 14.94 km mark.  At the 9.99 km mark starts the longest uphill for 1.89 km, while at the 13.86 km mark will face the steepest uphill (31.1%)  While the trail runners may refuel with drinks and food at the Madari Forestry Department Watchout Post they will reach the steepest downhill (33.3%) at the 15.48km for about 200 meters before they reach the highest point.

The runners will receive a finishers medal at the finish line with their time recorded with our new MyLaps  Timing System (BIB number & timing chip). During the race there will be refreshments and fruit as well as drinks and traditional delicacies at the finish line curtesy of the Spilia Community Council


Distance 21.233 km Total Ascent/Descent 1093 m / 1119 m
Lowest Point 1042 m (at 8.64 km) Highest Point 1585 m (at 14.94 km)
Uphill 9.99 km (47.1%) Downhill 10.71 km (50.4%)
Flat 0.45 km (2.1%) Height Gain 543 m
Steepest Uphill +31.1% (at 13.86 km) Steepest Downhill -33.3% (at 15.48 km)
Longest Uphill 1.89 km (at 9.99 km) Longest Downhill 2.34 km (at 16.83 km)
Ascent Rate 51 m/km Descent Rate 53 m/km

Along the way there will be trained volunteers (Emergency First Responders) and directional signs ensuring that all trail runners reach the finish line. The trail runners have to check for the race at least 15 minutes prior to the start time

Registration Fees 27.50

Date / Time 10/07/2022 ( 6:00 am - 10:30 am )

Venue Spilia Village Square