Race range : 10.6

This 10.65 km trail run is designed for beginner runners, teams and companies and walkers. Starting from the beautiful square in the heart of the small, mountainous village of Mylikouri, the route is relatively easy without much difficulty and with a small altitude difference as shown by the data below:

Total elevation/Descent          350 m / 358 m

Lowest point   620 m (at 6.66 km)                  Highest point   810 m (at 0.00 km)

Uphill   4.68 km (44.9%)                                    Downhill           5.22 km (50.1%)

Flat       0.45 km (4.3%)                                      Height Gain                   190 m

Steepest Uphill             +32.2% (at 9.27 km)   Steepest Downhill      -23.3% (at 0.63 km)

Longest Uphill 0.54 km (at 6.66 km)              Longest Downhill         1.08 km (at 0.54 km)

The runners will start from the village square and move southeast through the forest road to the river Platy. At 3.5 km move north on a picturesque route surrounded by trees following the river Platy, to a picnic area in ​​Komititzi. At this point they will turn around and follow the same road to the finish line.

Here runners can enjoy refreshments, local food and traditional hospitality all provided by the village Community Council and the Association of Expatriates. The terrain along the route is passable (forest road) and therefore mountain running shoes are not required. The trail weaves mostly through wooded areas  the runners are shaded by trees and foliage most of the time.

Information about the route and to download it on your gps watch can be found at the following link: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1557440?units=km

Registration Fees 20.00

Date / Time 03/07/2022 ( 6:00 am - 10:00 am )

Venue Mylikouri Village